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Manston Air Group (MAG)

Built on the foundations of Manston Air, the Manston Air Group (or MAG for short) is a strategically established conglomerate of virtual airlines with an emphasis on fun. Manston Air, StratusJet, Vorona and Wayam make up the Group and cover a range of different kinds of operations spanning the entire globe. Whether it's a short hop across Kent or a larger one across "the pond", you'll be sure to find a flight that suits you.

Established in 2020, the Manston Air Group brand consists of four subsidiary airlines, with headquarters in Manston, Kent - and a number of bases throughout the world. We operate a huge range of different aircraft types into a wide set of environments and airports with varying complexities.

What sets MAG apart is the relaxed atmosphere, coupled with the expertise of real-world aviation professionals. We have "something for everyone" here; no matter your experience level, we're here to support you. Our number one aim is to have fun. Underpinning that is a commitment to strike a balance between providing our pilots with a realistic operating environment, but without imposing it on you.


Manston Air (MSE) | Kent's Favourite Virtual Airline


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Based out of Manston (MSE/EGMH), in Kent, Manston Air connects Kent to the rest of the world. Founded in 2020, we are rapidly expanding, with a fleet of over 80 aircraft and 160 routes, we have made it our mission to put Manston back on the map.

The atmosphere here at Manston Air is fairly relaxed. We realise that real-world commitments come first and only ask you to fly once every six months to maintain your currency and standing within the airline. We are open to all experience levels and even have an optional comprehensive learning programme to provide support and guidance from a professional instruction team.

We are a cross-platform community offering support for pilots in Prepar3d, X-Plane and the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. We have worked in collaboration with VATSIM UK and ProjectFLY to ensure that Manston Air is recognised and supported on their online networks.

We are also one of the few airlines that boast a fully-fledged award and achievement system to show measurable progress, and a ranking system to give you status within the airline.

So, whether it’s a short hop across the south-east of England, or a large leap across the Atlantic, we have something for everyone. Join our ranks now and sign-up to become a Manston Air pilot.
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StratusJet (STR) | The VA That Takes You Further


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StratusJet is low-cost virtual airline, operating primarily out of Europe as part of the Manston Air Group. StratusJet operates a fleet of fuel-efficient Airbus A320 series and Boeing 787 aircraft. The airline was incorporated to allow pilots of other airlines in MAG to operate a wider variety of routes and schedules.

StratusJet operates from ten European low-cost hubs, with aircraft based at:

  • Alicante (LEAL)
  • Athens (LGAV)
  • Bergamo (LIME)
  • Bristol (EGGD)
  • Doncaster (EGCN)
  • Liverpool (EGGP)
  • Stansted (EGSS)
  • Southend (EGMC)
  • Tallinn (EETN)
  • Florence (LIRQ)
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    Vorona (VRN) | The Spirit of Madagascar


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    "Tonga soa!" and welcome to Vorona.

    Vorona, formerly known as "Vorona Aviation" is a Madagascan airline operating out of Africa as part of the Manston Air Group. Vorona operates an elaborate fleet of both passenger and cargo aircraft to support a wide and varied route network throughout Africa and beyond. Vorona was established on the 30th June 2006, and prides itself on being a friendly, enjoyable virtual airline.

    Since joining the Manston Air Group in 2021, Vorona has been rebranded with new aircraft, a new livery, and a new route network. We look forward to welcoming you on board “The Spirit of Madagascar” – Vorona.

    Vorona currently operates from four African hubs, with aircraft based at:

  • Ivato, Madagascar (FMMI)
  • Nosy Be, Madagascar (FMNN)
  • Nairobi, Kenya (HKJK)
  • Accra, Ghana (DGAA)
  • A note to all former Vorona Aviation pilots:

    We welcome you back to your airline. Please download the PDF below for more information specific to you.

    Vorona Pilots PDF
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    Wayam (WYM) | Fly The Best


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    Why Fly Better, when you can Fly The Best?

    Wayam - meaning "harmony" or "peace" in Arabic - is our Middle-East venture, based primarily out of the United Arab Emirates. Starting its journey in 2024 with a fleet of brand-new A320s, we aim to have the most modern and comfortable fleet in the virtual skies.

    Location is everything, and it couldn't be more prime than our bases in Dubai (DXB/OMDB) and Abu Dhabi (AUH/OMAA), which offer a wealth of opportunity for a range of routes throughout the region and beyond.
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