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The atmosphere here at Manston Air is fairly relaxed. We realise that real-world commitments come first and only ask you to fly once every six months to maintain your currency and standing within the airline. We are open to all experience levels and even have an optional comprehensive learning programme to provide support and guidance from a professional instruction team.

We offer a comprehensive training programme designed to help you get to and maintain airline “company standards”. Our learning centre is open to everyone whether you're a seasoned professional or brand new to the flight simulator community. We have a fleet of training aircraft and a team of real life pilots and officially qualified VATSIM instructors to support you.

At Manston Air we believe in presenting our pilots with awards to mark and measure their progress. Our fully fledged awards system is designed to challenge our pilots and provide a sense of achievement. Collect awards to show off your skills; from completing our initial training programme to flying to some of the trickiest airports in the world – we’ve got it, you earn it.


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Current Live Flights

Active Bookings

Pilot Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
  Hayden Baker STR1241 EGGD LIPZ 131 3,707.00kg A320 In Progress

Latest 10 Flight Reports

Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
STR1410 LPFR EGGP   MA002 FenixA320 StratusJet G-PPRN -95fpm
STR1409 EGGP LPFR   MA002 FenixA320 StratusJet G-PPRN -248fpm
STR1232 EGPH EGGD   MA002 FenixA320 StratusJet G-HYDN -9fpm
STR1231 EGGD EGPH   MA002 FenixA320 StratusJet G-HYDN -376fpm
STR2019 EETN EGGD   MA005 FenixA320 -476fpm
STR2020 EGGD EETN   MA005 G-HYDN - A320 N/A
STR1000 LFBO EGGD   MA005 G-EZUC - A320 N/A
MSE2115 KMIA EGMH   MA003 PMDG 777F Manston Air (G-MSDE | F1 Space Grey Livery | 2021) -382fpm
VRN2109 GLRB DGAA   MA002 PMDG 737-700 Vorona (9G-SEV - 2022) -52fpm
VRN2108 DGAA GLRB   MA002 PMDG 737-700 Vorona (9G-SEV - 2022) -132fpm

Top 5 Greased Landings This Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Daniel Richardson STR1232 EGGD 2022-05-23 -9.00fpm 94%
  Daniel Richardson STR1410 EGGP 2022-05-24 -95.00fpm 70%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Matthew Osborne United Kingdom United Kingdom Manston (EGMH) 2022-05-18
  Paul Chamberlain United Kingdom United Kingdom Manston (EGMH) 2022-05-09
  Max Hayes United Kingdom United Kingdom Athens (LGAV) 2022-04-20
  Gus Wyatt United Kingdom United Kingdom Bristol (EGGD) 2022-04-18
  Luis Costa Portugal Portugal Stansted (EGSS) 2022-03-14
  mik mak Canada Canada Athens (LGAV) 2022-03-03
  Martin Pereira Uruguay Uruguay Stansted (EGSS) 2022-02-24


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