Our Awards

Here at Manston Air we believe in rewarding our pilots with an award system to mark progression. We've constructed a list of all the various awards, and a description of how to attain them. Some awards are handed out automatically by completing a TOUR, others must be applied manually by staff. Please visit the STAFF page and contact one of management team who will manually give you the award once you've met the relevant requirements.

Grand Tourer June 2023 Complete the "Destination of the Month" event for June 2023.
Live On Air Fly a Manston Air Group flight while streaming live on Twitch.
Le Courrier Fly to and from Saint Pierre (LFVP).
2023 Earthquake Relief! Perform a Humanitarian relief flight to either Syria or Turkey, flying volunteers or aid, to those affected by the 2023 Earthquake.
A Helping Hand Complete a return trip of one of the Ukraine Crisis Relief charter flights.
Great Tahiti of the Golden Haze Fly to and from Tahiti (NTAA).
Fear God, Honour the King Fly to and from Nadi (NFFN).
A Cut Above Win the screenshot of the YEAR competition. All the winning screenshot competition (of the month) screenshots are set against eachother head-to-head and a final overall winner is picked.
Team Spirit Participate in any Manston Air group flight event
Repatriation Repatriate an aircraft back to base after it has been left unattended away from base for over 30 days.
Formula One Fly a Formula One charter to any of the season's races.
Edelweiss " The hills are alive with the sound of... JET ENGINES " Fly to and from all 3 major airports in Austria (Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna).
Go Compare!... Mate Fly to and from Sydney (YSSY).
The Napoleon Award Fly to and from St Helena (FHSH).
G'Day Mate Fly to and from Perth (YPPH).
Aloha Fly to and from Honolulu (PHNL).
Defending the Right Fly to and from RAF Mount Pleasant (EGYP).
Flight to Nowhere Complete the "Flight to Nowhere", MSE90.

For further detail, please see the announcement in the forum.

Thank You NHS

Complete a return trip of one of the special NHS charter flights.

For further detail, please see the announcement in the forum.

Vola a Firenze Fly to and from Florence (LIRQ).
Skiathos Skill Fly to and from the "Greek St. Maarten" Skiathos (LGSK).
Bermudian Challenge Stretch the legs of the B739ER; fly to and from the remote island of Bermuda (TXKF).
Unwavering Tenacity Commit to your destination, such that you burn into your alternate/diversion fuel before landing at your destination - in line with the ops manual. Final reserve fuel must remain in tact.
B.U.T.T.E.R Achieve a landing with a descent rate lower than -10fpm.
Freight Dog Fly all the Manston Air cargo routes.
Tyrolean Hat Wearer Fly to and from Innsbruck (LOWI).
Maho Beach Blaster Fly to and from St. Maarten (TNCM).
Jabel-al-Tariq Fly to and from Gibraltar (LXGB).
GOOOAAAALLL!!! Fly to and from Christiano Ronaldo International Airport, Madeira (LPMA).
Rambler Fly to every destination in Kent with the Cessna C208B Caravan.
Photogenic Win the monthly screenshot competition hosted on Discord.
Change of Plan Make a diversion to the Manston Air preferred alternate.
Charter Express Fly a currently active Manston Air charter flight.
Cross the Pond Fly to any US/Caribbean destination.
Long Hauler Fly a flight with a flight time in excess of 12 hours.
Chambery Challenge Fly to and from Chambery (LFLB).
Got the T-Shirt Fly to and from both Jersey (EGJJ) and Guernsey (EGJB).
Fully Licensed Go through the Manston Air initial training programme at the learning centre and get signed off with a certificate of competence by one of our trainers.
Fatigued Fly 30 flights in 30 days.
Bone-Breaker Achieve a landing with a descent rate in excess of -500fpm.
Greaser Achieve a landing with a descent rate lower than -50fpm.
Chief Pilot Attain 1,500 hours flying for Manston Air.
Master Pilot Fly every single aircraft in the Manston Air fleet.
Globetrotter Fly to every single destination on the Manston Air route network.