Screenshot Competition Winners: Hall of Fame

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Screenshot Competition Winners: Hall of Fame

Post by D Butler (MA001) » Fri Dec 11, 2020 5:00 pm

Introducing the Screenshot Competition Winners Hall of Fame.

Visit the hall of fame:

All screenshot of the month competition winners will also be posted in this thread as a matter of record.

  • October: D Richardson (MA002) - Offloading our pax into the St Lucia countryside alongside another Manston Air 777 - LINK
  • November: M Long (MA008) - Boeing 747-8F, G-MSOT cruising down to HKJK, ready to uplift more fruit and veg - LINK
  • December: P Brooman (MA007) - InvictaJet 737 climbing above the clouds - LINK
  • January: D Richardson (MA002) - Blue Birds over the White Cliffs of Dover - LINK
  • February: M Long (MA008) - Boeing 747-8F on short finals - LINK
  • March: H Baker (MA005) - Rocket man soaring across the sky to OMDB! - LINK
  • April: D Richardson (MA002) - Ready to taxi at Amsterdam - LINK
  • May: D Pinnock (MA011) - One of our beautiful 777s banking over the checkerboard as it approaches famous Kai Tak! - LINK
  • June: H Baker (MA005) - Palma de Mallorca mountains on the return to Bristol - LINK
  • July: D Richardson (MA002) - SHRV on approach to Manston with another company 736 behind on finals. Behind. - LINK
  • August: D Butler (MA001) - Deboarding pax on a cloudy day at LONDON - MANSTON AIRPORT - LINK
  • September: D Richardson (MA002) - [No Caption] - LINK
  • October: D Richardson (MA002) - [No Caption] - LINK
  • November: M Long (MA008) - [No Caption] - LINK
  • December: M Long (MA008) - [No Caption] - LINK
  • January: TBA
Screenshot of the Year Winners
  • Year 1 (2020-2021): M Long (MA008) - Boeing 747-8F on short finals - LINK