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Thank you for your interest and the time taken to view our current vacancies.

Manston Air is a relatively new virtual airline, with a far-reaching enthusiastic vision. We are on the look-out for people who share that vision – but we also need people who hold the skills and expertise to achieve results. We need people possess the skills and want to put them to work and will always consider those people first over someone who is simply applying for the title. We are currently considering applications for the following positions:


We currently don’t have any management positions available.

Training Department

Trainer - C172: Focussing on the learning centre and taking pilots from relatively little experience to a “company standard” ready for further training on the airline fleet, we need trainers who are willing to foster our pilots towards a base level of proficiency.

Trainer - All fleets: If you have exceptional experience in specific fleet(s) please make that clear in your application. Depending on your application you may be assigned to a specific fleet. Note this role may also require you to do training on the C172, especially in the beginning.


Forum/Discord Moderator: As a moderator you will be responsible for ensuring that a sensible atmosphere is maintained in both the forum and on our Discord server. We are looking for trustworthy individuals with at least 6 months service at Manston Air.

Developer: We are seeking applications from people with experience in web design, seo, and perhaps even have some experience in software development. We ideally are looking for people who can help create our own ACARS flight tracking system and potentially help with the ongoing development of the website.

Aircraft Re-Painter: We are actively seeking applications from aircraft re-painters. Manston Air operates a wide-ranging fleet of aircraft, and while many of these aircraft have been painted up for P3D/FSX aircraft, we still have much left to do for X-Plane & MSFS 2020. If you possess these skills we would love to hear from you.

Airport Modeller: We have limited airport modelling experience. We are currently in the process of building an airport model for the 2023 re-opening plans for Manston. If you have any experience in this area we would love to hear from you.


Applications should include your name, the role you are applying for, a short description of what experience you have and what you can bring to the role and any other information you believe to be applicable.

Please send all applications by email to [email protected]. Your application will be considered and if your application is successful, one of us will present you with further steps.

Once again, thank you for your interest, and if you have any queries or wish to send a speculative application we are always open to receive them.